High Quality Timber Staircases in Sydney

Take on the best company for timber staircases in Sydney

At Stairways 4 Heaven we pride ourselves on making the best timber staircases in Sydney and our clients rely on us to deliver quality. This is because of our capabilities, experience and results to back up our promises. Therefore, if our clients are looking for something unique for their property, they can be sure that they would get it from us.

We are confident of the work we do

As an organisation, we are confident of the quality that we offer to our clients.

Therefore, we stand by all the timber stairs that we make and all other such projects that we take part in, in Sydney. We know that our customers have specific requirements for such work. Therefore, we provide them with the personalised attention that they deserve.

The scale of the work does not matter to us

We are happy to provide our services to any size project. Size does not matter. We are just as happy making the small repairs as we are in taking part in large projects and we are always up for the challenge.

We assure our customers that through our work we will create a stunning stairway, incorporating it into the architectural design of the property. It will be an object of envy for visitors. We specialise in a wide range of work in this context, such as:

  • stair treads
  • handrails
  • risers
  • balustrades
  • stringers
  • newel posts
  • nosings
  • metal spines
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A few words on our business

We are a family-owned and operated business of making timber staircases and other such products in Sydney for many years now. As an organisation, we are immensely proud of the sort of quality that we offer to our clients through our work. We can do this because we only use the best materials for such work. This makes sure that not only do we meet our customers’ expectations every time – we exceed them too.

We can assist our clients at every step of the way

Customers always come to us when they want timber stairs for their property. We offer quotes to assist them in getting stairs in the desired look and style. We work all around the capital city of New South Wales.

We prioritise beauty in our work

This is because we know that this is what most of our clients want when they are looking for timber staircases for their property. We are proud of the specialisation among the few in the city that have the experience and skills that are needed to do such work properly. Since we have so many years of experience in the industry, we can handle different kinds of projects with great skill.

Our staircase polishing and sanding work

We offer a considerable range of services for our customers to choose from.

We know that sanding and polishing timber stairs are delicate work. They are also processes which are very labour intensive. Most of the work in this case has to be done manually. The results of such work are stunning though. Proper sanding and polishing can transform any old staircase into one that looks brand new. This is the reason so many property owners across Australia choose services such as ours to restore the look of their old staircases.



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