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Professional finish with Stairways 4 Heaven

At Stairways 4 Heaven, our team manufactures outdoor stairs in Sydney for various heights. Being a leading stairway manufacturing company in Australia, we provide the best quotes for the services we offer. Our customers only need to give us the details of the total height from landing to the ground and the width of the staircase. We take care of everything from choosing the best type of raw materials required through to the final installation of the stairs. Our team of workers provides a professional finish with quality stairs, thereby, ensuring savings on both money as well as time. The wooden stairs we install will enhance the outdoor beauty of the home wherever installed. These stairs last for years because of their superior quality.


At Stairways 4 Heaven, we have three types of materials available for timber outdoor stairs in Sydney. These materials include treated pine timber, hardwood timber, and galvanised steel. For timber stairs, six different styles include:

  • Treated pine stair treads & stringers that remain open
  • Hardwood stairs that close
  • Wrap around stairs of treated pine timber or hardwood timber
  • Hardwood stair treads and stringers that are open
  • Deck stairs having stringers of galvanised steel
  • Treated pine stairs that close

Outdoor and timber stairs can serve a variety of purposes on a new timber deck. On a timber deck, these deck stairs access a different level and present a stunning focal point or access any access point in your backyard.


When you are choosing a company to install outdoor stairs, you should always hire a company that has experience in the field. Well, Stairways 4 Heaven is a company that not only provides quality work but also has a lot of experience in doing this type of job. Nobody can match the quality of work done by the professionals and hiring an experienced team for the installation of outdoor stairs will simplify one’s work. An experienced team gives you peace of mind and one can rely on them for the work. The work quality of the experienced professionals is unmatchable in comparison to the team from other companies that lack the experience for doing these jobs.


When one looks for a company for the installation of outdoor stairs in Sydney, it is important to hire the one with the right skills to do the job. Skills are important in any kind of job, and stairs installation is not something that anybody can do. While most companies lack the skills, our team has the right skills to proficiently install the stairs in the outdoor area of any home. We know everything about installing stairs and we complete the job to an excellent standard to ensure the stairs are safe and durable. We specialise in delivering work of the highest standard which will enhance the outdoor living lifestyle of any homeowner.


While many people search for a company that offers a guarantee on their work, they end up sitting disappointed when they do not get one. Well, Stairways 4 Heaven takes pride in itself as we provide an unmatched guarantee on all our products and services. We provide termite protection on all our products and we take care that the stairs we install in the homes of our customers remain in good condition over time. While a homeowner invests his or her time and money into their dream home, we ensure to take care of it by all means irrespective of the service we are providing.

Stairways 4 Heaven is a company that sticks to the deadline while ensuring quality outcomes and satisfying the customers. Looking for a reliable company for outdoor stairs installation? Come and join hands with us to enjoy a beautiful outdoor area.



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