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Choose Floating Stairs for an Open, Spacious Look

Stairs play a crucial role in connecting different levels in a house. If you have limited space and are currently looking for staircases that do not take up a lot of space then then floating stairs will fulfil that need. The concept of floating stairs has been to ensure vertical movement without killing much space. These stairs are not only beautiful, modern, and trendy but also solve a majority of the associated issues of small living spaces.

Floating Stairs- The Best Investment a Person can make in Stairs

There are hundreds and thousands of different kinds of staircases. Getting the right one to match with the requirements and specifications is vital. Therefore, at Stairways 4 Heaven, we consider it a worthy investment for all those houses that need solutions to better manage their limited space.

Apart from the feel of being spacious, our shop that provides floating stairs in Sydney is well known for their innovative design and durability. We are perhaps, one amongst the few sellers of floating stairs in Sydney catering to your needs for years. You can rely on our products. We are always here to help you in the most professional ways possible.

Floating Stairs

Stairways 4 Heaven – Your Assured Quality Floating Stair Seller

Stairways 4 Heaven has been a name you can trust whenever it comes to delivering quality stairs. Due to our many years of experience, we have observed how the market has witnessed a drastic change during the last two decades. Considering these changes, we have constantly upgraded our stocks depending on the requirements and trends. You will always get floating stairs in the latest designs and styles at the best prices and we never compromise on quality.

In addition to this, the following are some benefits you can get when you hire us—

  • Friendly service as our experts will take into consideration all your requirements
  • We understand the importance of being in a competitive market and hence, our products come at the best prices
  • We have a team of experienced and qualified craftsmen who take care of all the installation and repair or replacement associated with the stairs
  • Client satisfaction is our top priority and hence, we offer customised design and colour selection
  • We are an insured and licenced team

Why Choose Floating Stairs?

Before explaining why you should choose a floating stair, you need to know its meaning. Floating stairs, unlike the other types, do not have support underneath them. As a result of this, the space that was earlier consumed because of the support is saved. In addition to this, some of the designs of the floating stairs in Sydney are great because they offer enough open area for light and kids to play safely.

Being in the business for years, we have seen the rising amount of love that people have for this particular stair type. It is considered an architectural masterpiece for small flats or houses located in metropolitan areas. You can also choose how your floating stairs in Sydney will look and perform. Some of our customers do not prefer giving a handrail. This makes the entire setup look classy and trendy. Choose from us the style of the open staircase. We are there to get it done for you.

Choice of your Floating Stair

The following are the different kinds of materials from which floating stairs in Sydney can manufactured from. They include:

  • Steel
  • Concrete
  • Timber Stairs from any kind
  • Glass
  • PFC
  • Metal or plate steel

If you are looking for floating stairs in Sydney, do get in touch with us. We will provide you with the required solution related to the staircase and you can ask us for a free quotation. We also provide the best suggestions and recommendations related to the stair design and top class installation.
Call us on 0401579700 for more details. You can also email us at If you have enquiries about your stairway or are looking for a quote, we will be more than happy to assist you.



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