Best Designed External Stairs in Sydney

Premium Quality External Stairs Made for Modern Homes in Sydney

Giving a new dimension to the way the outside of your house appears is possible with us. Stairways 4 Heaven has the most efficient professionals to deal with external stairs in Sydney. We specialise in timber, glass, steel, and spiral staircases. We have over 20 years experience in the industry specialising in installing staircases in various homes. We are known for our exceptional service, quality products, and fair prices.

Why Should You Change Your Old Stairs?

The staircase you have outside your house is more likely to get damaged if you do not get it done by a reliable staircase builder. Looking for signs of wear and tear along with potential damage is essential if you are thinking of replacing your external stairs. According to us, if you find that even a small part of the staircase is showing signs of damage and beyond repairing, that damage will spread on the other sections of the stairs like wildfire.
So, we, being the experts of this business in Sydney, would like to suggest some tips to decide when you should go for a quick replacement without any delay.

  • Organise a thorough inspection of the area from where the stairs are connected to the landing and deck. That area is the main support for maintaining the structural balance of the stairs. And, if this part gets damaged due to any external sources, you might need to call for a quick replacement.
  • Keep an eye on the signs of bloated paint and rust. This occurs on cheap quality materials in old stairs and it cannot be salvaged most of the time and replacement becomes your only solution.
  • In some cases, the visible signs of damage are not enough. You need to look for signs indicating your staircase is not strong enough or not structurally sound. To check it out, you can try to shake the baluster or the post, do it with a force. If there is only minimal or negligible movement, consider it to be in a good condition. Otherwise, you have to plan for a replacement.
  • The same thing can be inspected by checking out the movements of beams or stringers. Try to shake those as well and count the movements minutely to assess the strength of the stairs.
  • Also, look for infestation or any insect activity in your old staircase. It will be more obvious if you have structural rot in the stairs.

Pick Your Favourite from Our Staircases!

We only deal with modern sustainable designs. You can choose from different options of material available for external stairs and we will get the work done on time.

Why Choose Stairways 4 Heaven?

Amidst the presence of so many dealers, we are one of the top choices. During the last 20 years, we have grown in terms of our customer base and the range of products and services that we offer. The following are some of the reasons why choosing us for your steel stairs in Sydney would be the best choice:

  • Hardwood Staircases
    Hardwood is always a classic choice for an outdoor staircase. If you leave it to us, we will get the work done using the finest quality timber that will last for the years to come. We offer you several baluster choices to make your outdoors more appealing than you might have expected.
  • Steel Staircases
    We will design modern steel staircases with the finest quality Australian steel. Sustainability, modern appearance, and cost-effectiveness are assured with the best steel staircase that we will provide. You can experiment with different looks for the handrails!
  • Glass Staircases
    We give you some superb options of glass staircases that are meant to change the outdoor decor of any house overnight. Do not get worried about the longevity because we provide the best quality glass you can find in Sydney to design the outdoor stairs.
  • Concrete Staircases
    If you are looking for a maintenance-free solution, choose to install concrete staircases that can go years without any need for repairs or much maintenance. Our designers will make sure that the concrete styling looks appealing and modern on the stairs.

Wish to know more about our one-stop-shop for staircases? Reach us at 0401579700 and place your query to our professionals. We will get back to you as soon as possible to provide you with the best service.



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